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Hello this is the power house clan. to talk and battle with us we need you to log in first.enjoy your time here and come back Smile
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This forum is where the members of power house clan will meet and discuss anything they please.
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 Rules of the gym

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Rules of the gym Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the gym   Rules of the gym EmptyFri Aug 16, 2013 3:37 pm

1. No forfeiting or turning off your DS if you lose.

 2.  Dont challenge me by asking me on a PM. You can either challenge me on the chat (WHEN IM ON) or the topic about it.

 3. NO WONDERTOMB OR WONDEREYE!!!!!!!!111ONE if you use one, you will never get to challenge me EVER again.

 4. No Wonder Launcher. Screw items just play fair.

 5. Voice Chat is allowed.

 6. ...Im out of ideas... Thats it for now
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Rules of the gym
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